For Applicants

Application Training

We will support you during the entire application process and give you feedback regarding the various phases of your application process. Moreover, for applicants, we also offer the services of drafting the application documents and preparing the applicant for the looming job interview as well as an analysis of the job interview that has already been conducted.

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Career Consulting

As a personnel consulting firm with many years of experience, we know how important customised solutions are for your individual application process. We will advise you on your path towards new professional challenges and offer supervision and the formulation of individual career goals while integrating our network during your career planning. By utilising our expertise, we will support you during the formulation of career strategies and work with you in order to develop a career plan in order to attain your goals.

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International Application

For your application for an international deployment, upon your request, we will draft English-language documents which fulfil international assessment levels. We will prepare you for your looming job interviews while taking international standards into consideration. With regards to intercultural competences, we will coach you for a successful start into your professional future. Moreover, in order to support you, we will present bilingual online seminars in order to qualify you for international application processes.

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