The personnel consulting for Executive Search from Cologne.
To be truly successful in Executive Search, you need a special talent: a good sense for people.
We identify outstanding professionals and executives in middle and upper management and convince them of your company: As a specialist in Executive Search, Amiridis Consulting is well-connected in demanding fields across Europe – be it in industries such as E-Commerce, IT, Fashion, Production, and other specialized areas.

We are a personnel consulting firm from Cologne and work in executive search and recruitment for acquisition and the personnel search in the industries of fashion, IT and e-commerce. By utilising our network consisting of the leading companies and decision-makers in these challenging fields, we will support you during your search for outstanding specialised and management personnel in lower, middle and upper management. For sustainable success during the digital transformation, we are positioned in a future-oriented manner in order to ideally structure your company on all levels for the digitalisation and to find the optimal positioning for a vacancy. Always trustful and reliable, we can offer you highly-qualified acquisition by directly contacting suitable candidates and offering you a top-class selection process as well.


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Alexandra Amiridis

Founder, Manager of and the creative mind behind Amiridis Consulting. She studied Pedagogy and Industrial Psychology with a concentration in Adult Education at the university in Cologne. She then worked in the Headhunting Division at a prominent personnel consulting firm in Dusseldorf. She then later worked as the Manager of the Acquisition Division of a Cologne employment agency and as a Certified Job Coach and Instructor for job applicant training. In 2009, she founded Amiridis Consulting.

The success of a company depends to a large extent on the quality of its employees. Top candidates are not only found via networks on the Internet – but directly in companies.

Our Challenge is Your Specific Challenge

The overview of a generalist
plus the precision of a specialist

We make our clients’ projects into our own and pursue them in a solutions-oriented manner. This corresponds to the DNA of its Founder Alexandra Amiridis: Excellent social skills, an entrepreneurial mind-set and approach as well as the orientation to values and excellent service encompass the attitude for Amiridis Consulting embraces in order to be the ideal partner at eye-level for Personnel Managers.

We Solve Your
Personnel Challenges

Ideal synthesis from a system,
intuition and experience

Intercultural competence coupled with business pedagogical specialised skills are our basis for formulating and implementing goal-oriented strategies for fulfilling your mandates.

During the consulting, we allow you to gain insight into our market overview as well as to work with you to develop the customised search strategy, we present ideal candidates and handle the long-term successful personnel placement. Naturally, we also ensure the highest level of discretion.

We Can Also Help People who Want a Career

If you are personally searching for a new professional challenge whereby you can optimally utilise your potential, we will support you on the path to your new position –with comprehensive consulting, individual support and absolute confidentiality.

An Overview of Our Industries for You

AMIRIDIS CONSULTING has worked for more than 16 years for the industries of consumer goods & retail as well as information technology/e-commerce. By utilising our many years of experience and our proven expertise, we will find individualised and targeted solutions for your personnel services. Our clients decide which personnel they need. We take care of the rest – quite easily, efficiently and impressively.

We also place specialised and management personnel in the following industries:

Consumer goods & retail

Information technology

Media design



Our target goal is always to obtain long-term, successful employment relationships between companies and top personnel. By utilising our long-term and proven expertise, we will successfully fill your vacancy!

In order to do this, we rely on our experience and the best networks. By deploying the innovative tools on all digitalisation levels, we can fulfil the highest standards upon a trustful and reliable basis.

This is What Our Clients Say

In our industry, discretion is still very important. Thus, it is quite seldom to receive positive assessments from the client which we are allowed to publish. Therefore, it pleases us even more when our work repeatedly receives positive feedback.

  • “I have already cooperated with Ms. Amiridis for many years. She possesses vast specialised know-how, can implement projects very well, is goal-oriented and absolutely professional.”

    Dipl. Ing. [University Graduate in Engineering] Refa
    Management Consultant, Cologne
  • “Amiridis Consulting has supported us during the personnel search and solved urgent problems. Thanks to its efficient structures, work stages are implemented in a very precise and goal-oriented manner which is always transparent to us. As a result, we have been able to very quickly hire specialised personnel.”

    Personnel service provider
  • “Ms. Amiridis immediately sets to work on the critical points, impresses through her cross-industry know-how and has a diverse, broad-based network. This has helped us to discreetly and quickly fill a vacant position in a very satisfactory manner.”

    Purchasing Manager
  • “I have known Ms. Amiridis to be an empathetic and professional person. She can support people wherever they are at that time in their uncertainty and quickly develop their confidence in her through her calm and composed manner. Through her coaching, I have been able to present myself better in job interviews and ultimately was able to find a more attractive job position.”

    Dipl. Wirt. Ing. [University Graduate in Industrial Engineering]
    during his job application process for his next career step
  • “It was definitely the right idea to book Ms. Amiridis for career coaching. She is friendly, solution-oriented and passionate about her work. One never has the feeling that one is wasting one’s time with her. There has always been a dialog at eye-level and she is a very good listener. Her perspective has opened my eyes numerous times and has provided me with very good tips for the next career step.”

    Marketing Manager