Resilience – The Powers of Mental Resistance

The Secret of Mental Strength

Resilience is the secret of mental strength to handle resistance and attacks at any time and over the long term. Covid-19 is thus an attack on the stability of the citizens and companies. People worldwide are still searching for their personal way out of the current crisis. They are aware that their old customary habits are no longer valid and that it is difficult for them to give up these old customary ways of doing things. Since the Covid-19 lockdown measures, there has now been a prevailing need to find one’s way back to the old familiar system. However, it will become difficult to re-establish familiar and proven models from the past in our everyday lives now. At the moment, we are now “sailing” into a new societal status quo. You will ask yourself:  What will change for our future? And how will we succeed in improving and reconceiving our strengths on a personal level and also within the professional environment? Can we draw positive conclusions from the crisis and keep our personal well-being stable and/or restore it if necessary?

New Strategies for Handling the Crisis

There are some strategies which we can take away from this crisis and use this unique situation in order to learn from it how to develop resilient powers of resistance for ourselves as individuals and for active companies. Resilience has already been a relevant theme for some years in the research debates and in the corporate culture. However, now during the Covid-19 crisis, this concept has become so topical that it enables us to design new approaches in all areas with regards to company growth, empowerment, and positive impacts.

Healthy eating, sport, relaxation training and a new time management are plausible and long-proven strategies for personal resilience and a cornerstone for tapping the secret of personal resilience. During crisis periods like this one, resilient strategies can strengthen us to combat the stress on the job and in our private sphere. Proven psychological methods and self-effective thinking will help us to master the new global tasks well. How will global companies now respond resiliently to the new challenges of this crisis? What will change for them in the future?

Leadership during These Changing Times

Our customary habits have been changed by Corona. Corona appears to be a catalyst. We see this in the successive bankruptcies and in the personal upheavals which are currently being openly discussed in all media. In hindsight, the old times appear to us now to have been quite good and we desperately still yearn for them. How will commercial companies now respond? Global companies have very quickly gauged their management options and leadership. Realising economic goals during the Corona times will mean redefining leadership. The quality management and the processes at companies will reveal multi-perspective approaches for leadership. The supplying of positive impacts on the results at global companies will provide the opportunity to establish strong and innovative leadership styles on the team. The employees’ mental powers of resistance will develop eminently. Diverse empowerment practices will fundamentally develop on the companies’ teams and will be a cornerstone during the evaluation of the team leaders and the management. A Managing Director inspired by creation and a team player who shifts his focus away from his own status and instead consults his subordinates at eye-level without surrendering his leadership role will guide the multi-perspective view of his company in a future-oriented direction. This is a recommendation to make companies future-oriented and agile during the new era after Corona. The employees’ personal and individual strengths and mental powers of resistance are just as important as the resilience of the company as a whole