The Revolution of AI

The revolution of Artificial Intelligence  (AI) has not only produced customers in the fashion world with customer cards, business-oriented online trading and product optimisation, but rather placed the focus of global companies and their affiliated companies on the advantages of the digital transformation – and thus also equipped the services in recruiting with custom-fit conveniences and intelligent processes.

What does Artificial Intelligence Mean?

From the AI research, we know that the term has not been so clearly delimited because research and development are only just beginning. However, the processes and the successes which AI has shown in recent years have been astounding and attest to the pioneering and high-end controlled development formats. Precisely now during the crisis, digital options and the possibilities of work and communication paths are asserting themselves in all segments via AI.

The AI research has now indeed even become its own independent discipline.

Changes in the population structure and those of the demographic shift are ubiquitous with the theme of AI research in the political discourse.

Algorithms and Computer Technology. Where do We Stand?

In what direction is this going?  Order service, optimised production and logistics, design in 3D and online trading – the fashion world, automotive, IT and many other industries worldwide have already been using algorithmic models and processes for years which calculate automations and also enable digital recruiting and matching in online standard processes.

This revolutionary innovation will continue to be developed in the upcoming years and it must be assumed that it cannot always be realised without difficulties and in quite critical debates.

Social Skills, Matching and Non-Verbal Communication.
Channels for New Recruiting?

Although the convenient and fast processes during the online applications have received a quite positive resonance, the critical clues provided by the tried-and-tested work methods of recruiting should not just be dismissed.

Naturally, it is an enormous advantage to switch off one’s subconscious and, as a recruiter, not to fall victim to the pitfalls of the personal interviews. However, the strengths of professional recruiting are to be able to identify the social competences of the applicant – including in the non-verbal forms of expression in interactions with his conversational partner.   

The algorithm does not possess this ability. In order to justify this form of convenience, one must precisely weigh whether it is truly desirable over the long term to continue to expand such digital and depersonalised formats and, in so doing, lose sight of the interpersonal skills.

Also, owing to the gaps created in the digital databases of the candidates from a lack of time, incorrect matchings could be created. Good candidates could thus be left behind and thus miss out on the corresponding vacancy.

Moreover, not all candidates have been registered in the business portals and relevant databases. The classical headhunting has proven itself to be capable of solving these problems.

Moderate Analysis. A Collective Look into the Future.                      

The advantages of AI have been overshadowed by the potential loss of independent, creative thinking – by the processes corresponding to the essence of AI and the absence of individual human characteristics and decision-making. How we, for example, already see in the complex and tedious craft of today’s perfumery, in which the raw materials are selected based upon model recognition in databases and fundamental work steps are digitally supplanted. A problem which was erstellung von ParfüftenParfümherstellung werden die Rohstoffe nach PP   already able to be recognised and discussed as a theme in the recent past. 

We live in a digital world in which attentiveness is needed. As companies, we will work with both media – both with the digitalisation as well as also with the classical headhunting in order to, in this manner, still continue to guarantee the best possible success for our clients.