Fashion in the Corona Age

Indeed, fashion is currently no system-relevant theme.

However, fashion is certainly still needed.

We are admittedly largely confined to our homes these days – with rudimentary social contacts.

But one doesn’t always just want to just be running around in jogging sweatpants all the time, either – not only owing to Karl Lagerfeld and his clear views of the wearers of this piece of clothing.

Also owing to the entire video conferences. Regardless of whether it’s on Skype, Zoom, Slack or FaceTime – we want to make a good impression.

Video conferences will remain – I am certain of this. In the HR segment as well, I have already been using them for an extensive period of time, e.g. for job applicant interviews. Indeed, more job interviews will be held in this manner in the future.

This is reason enough to seriously analyse the impression one makes on other people during video conferences. And, there as well, fashion plays an important role.

Precisely whoever had enjoyed shopping for a couple of nice spring clothing items after the winter will be confronted by a hard reality: All the fashion shops are closed.

Of course, one can make purchases online. But in order to be perfectly honest: I am also one of those persons who love to browse around real physical shops, to see colours, to feel materials and try on clothing items.

What does one now actually do when one discovers that one somehow no longer has something suitable to wear in one’s closet? And if one doesn’t just want to constantly wear the same articles in front of the camera?

Currently, the good thing about all this is that one can think much more freely regarding combination options. Because, during video conferences, only one’s upper body can be seen anyways, you can now also put on clothing items on your upper body despite the fact that you can’t find exactly the right item to wear on your lower body as a suitable combination.

Also feel free to even overdress. Thus, even put on something which would be a tick too much for the office. But please – not too sexy in the business environment.

Precisely is now the time for colours. That is owing to the fact that big dark areas are not as effective on video. Precisely if the lighting is not optimal, therefore combine dark materials with bright, indeed even colourful tones.

Colours can even be “loud” – on the screen, they will appear “softer” than they actually are in reality.

You should avoid clothing items with small detailed design patterns because, on the screen, they can result in an irritating shimmering and you won’t look good.

Through wild combinations, I can still at least rescue myself for a while yet.

However, I hope that the boutiques and fashion shops will open again soon.

How do you see this? What do you think? What have been your experiences with the right outfit at video conferences?