Neuromarketing – Upheaval in the New Economy

What is Neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing works with psychological methods. It entails mainly the researching of target groups and their segmentation. In the economy’s dynamic processes, it encompasses the optimisation and the steering of deliberate buying decisions. By researching the subconscious processes which occur in the brain and which indeed steer those decisions which the customer makes and implements during his shopping experience, the market research aspects of formulating decisions and purchasing themes are supposed to be improved and influenced.

Via neuroscientific measurements and methods, e.g. also the so-called eye-tracking, potential customer requests and customer movements are analysed and, through targeted placements – both of advertising as well as also its messages, optimised in such a manner that they can influence the purchasing decisions. This research is conducted with large financial expenditures and also supplemented with a large technical output – and this above all in diverse stations of the free market and the economic infrastructure – above all targeted there in the online shops in order to be able to create profiles and analyse precisely how one can influence people and guide their decision-making.

The Beautiful New World of Acceleration

Speed is everything. Currently, we are seeing this development in the rapid conquering of the work world by digital tools – above all in the increased online shopping and the social media interventions which are now becoming all the rage in the 2020s decade of this century. As the result of Corona, all social and economic processes are being ramped up and intensified – abruptly. Not only the digitalisation, but rather also the concepts of neuromarketing, targeting and the intelligent solutions which are addressing the customers’ requirements in a targeted way as well as are being constantly and rapidly adapted and continuing to be developed constitute the new and progressive changes in the free economy and on the market. In this context, neuromarketing plays an essential role in the structuring and organisation of innovative companies which want to position themselves successfully on the market in a new and future-oriented manner.

Personal Shopping – How Neuromarketing is Increasingly Influencing the Fashion Industry

During the course of recent years, the economic “rules of the game” and sales structures have changed. An essential component of these changes has also consisted of the newly-developing positions and jobs in the industry and their job titles. As the result of the new job titles in stores, many titles and designations have also changed in the fashion industry which is indeed one of the fastest-moving and most future-oriented industries in the world.

Currently, some stores are changing their concepts, e.g. they now hire personal shoppers.

What are Personal Shoppers?

Personal shoppers are personal customer advisors – and they attend to their customers in a targeted and customised manner, thus raising the purchasing experience to a new level of event culture. The psychological incentive of “ordering around” a personal stylist and consultant in the department store should not be underestimated. This finesse of customer-oriented sales psychology is now increasingly gaining a foothold in the general retail and, above all in the fashion industry, finding a thankful consumer for the economic and market-oriented expansion of competences in the classical professional fields. The classical salesperson is now becoming more and more a personal style and image consultant. In this context, the market researchers are focussing above all on one thing: For many people, shopping for clothing is a hassle. They are glad to give this task to someone else and are happy to be supported by a personal consultant. On his side, the deployed personal shopper complements the sale through communication, styling and social media competences. As an all-rounder, he is multi-competent, intercultural and multi-lingual. He works in an individualised and precise manner in order to create a selection of image clothing which meets the customer’s wishes and preferences. If possible, everything is implemented with digital profile-creation programmes which can collect data on and evaluate customers worldwide.

A beautiful new world. This beautiful new world of personal shopping is searching for all-rounders and other persons, specialists who – more than ever before – can integrate digital concepts into the customers’ daily life in a beneficial manner and above all which precisely fits customers’ expectations these days: It essentially entails conveying a good feeling to the customer. The shopping experience is supposed to become more interesting and more attractive. In order for this to be accomplished, the personal shoppers must be multi-competent and be able to appeal to, advise and coach their customers with a psychological sensibility. In order to do this these days, they have digital tools in order to generate profiles and assess and categorise the customer in a targeted manner via neuromarketing. The customer should get the feeling that the company is innovative, progressive and more customer-oriented than ever before. The new requirements of customer profiling and company strategies will enable us to divine how the company culture and customer acquisition could be structured in the future.